Dream big, spend small!

It’s no greatly guarded secret that my bank balance can easily be trumped by many a child’s piggy bank yet despite this potentially depressing predicament, I find myself happier than I have ever been; on top of the world… or on the bottom of the world depending on which country you are reading this in.

To many people, the word ‘budget’ is a dreaded word, synonymous with limitation and conjures up the idea of settling for less – for something sub-standard. I happen to strongly disagree with this notion. Whether it be a culinary feast, a world trip, a holiday, a wedding or just your day-to-day; with an open mind, a healthy work-ethic and a lot of imagination, life on a budget can be the ultimate freedom.

As I begin a yet another new chapter in my life, I have chosen to write this blog to share the unusual, the unexpected and the every-day things that make my life rich, despite the big, ugly zero in my bank account.  I hope to inspire others to chase their dreams and achieve their own slice of true, meaningful happiness – what ever their budget.

Nea. xXx


2 responses to “Dream big, spend small!

  1. wow Nea congratulations on your blog this is the only blog I have ever read so have nothing to compare it to but you have given me a great insight into your new world and I am so happy for you both. You are really being given or have taken the chance to get to know one another and you are true sole mates. Your prose is funny informative and very interesting.. It is a pleasure to read and I very much look forward to your next chapter. How do I get to it again ? Is it through Mr WordPress.com? loads love Helen xxxx


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