Day 13 at Pyramid – Second Weekend and Food Delights

I have just had the best lunch. It’s about 36.5 degrees here today so I fancied something refreshing and nutritious. We have plenty to choose from as the cupboards and fridge are full. We went to town on Thursday with Shelley who took us to the Super IGA in Bowen. It was a 9 hour round-trip but they had a great selection of food so we got almost everything we wanted including some really decent sharp kitchen knives for only $3 each! It was just as well we did really as we stopped at Richie’s butchers on the way home and picked up a whole beef rump. I was glad of the sharp knife as when we got home I cut the rump down into 16 large steaks (which I wrapped up and froze) plus a medium size roast for the weekend and the off cuts made a delicious chili ginger beef stir fry for dinner Thursday night. All that beef should keep us going for a while and it was an absolute bargain for $29! You’d pay that for one steak in nice restaurant and I bet it wouldn’t be as fresh. Our trip to town was good as it meant we had 9 hours in the car to get to know Shelley a bit better. Before that trip we had only really spoken to her once or twice but we now all have a better idea of what we’re all about.

On Friday we had a pretty easy day checking dams, starting pumps – the usual. In the afternoon we dug a bit out of the well then Rich cleaned the car and I hosed down and swept the patios at our place and at theirs. After work, Rich, Shelley, Gordon and I sat on the grass with Douglass and had a few beers. Three beers actually which, in the heat of the Aussie summer and having not had much to eat or drink, left me feeling quite tipsy. I had a nice refreshing shower and spent what seemed like a year slaving over the stove making a chicken a pumpkin risotto for tea that after two hours was still undercooked…

This morning, Gordon and Shelley left for Longreach so we have, once again, 110,000 acres to our selves for three days. Aside from feeding the cat and chickens, moving the sprinklers and checking Sugar Loaf Dam for mud tomorrow we’ve got the whole time to relax. We got up at about 7:30, played some cards, and I made an epic lunch of tuna mayo, lettuce, cucumber sticks, tomato, beetroot and wholegrain toast with black pepper. Yum! I might have to try one of my home-made muesli and honey bars in a mo too for pudding! It is such a nice feeling sitting outside in the shade, surrounded by beautiful plants and animals, eating a delicious lunch, listening to what ever music I like, however loud I like, wearing as many or as few clothes as I like. That’s real freedom. America, you have no idea. On that note… I’m going to go and play, yes play, in the sprinklers! 😀


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