Day 3 at Pyramid – A First Time For Everything

Today we started at 6:30am. Gordon took the Ute and Rich and I took the motorbikes on a 20k ride to check some waters and fencing. Gordon powered on ahead and the idea was that we would hang back to stay out of his dust. After 5 minutes Rich’s bike stopped working and it was up to me to chase down Gordon except there were a few problems…

1. I didn’t know which way he went which meant I was lost pretty quickly
2. I didn’t have a helmet or goggles or any safety gear at all so I didn’t want to/couldn’t ride too fast anyway
3. I decided it was useless, went back to find rich and he wasn’t where I’d left him!

I ran into him eventually though and after a few panicked tears on my part we carried on. We started the pump motor easy enough to get the water from the dam into the troughs then moved on to fencing. It has been a really hot and hard day with tough riding and a few massive spiders! Still no snakes though. I almost had to take my trousers off at one point as a green ant had crawled up my trouser leg and was biting my thigh and knee. They said it would burn and they weren’t lying! Eventually, we returned to the yards to eat our pack lunches and had a rest in the shade of the yards before returning to work. This time we all jumped in the Ute and spent about an hour repairing a whole section of barb wire fence. We drove back to the yards to pick up the bikes then rode the 20k back to Pyramid. It was on the ride back (when I had gained some sense of direction and didn’t feel lost or alone) the I began to relax and enjoy the fact that we were riding dirt bikes, with no helmets, at top speed, dressed as cowboys/girls, through the red dirt and scrub of the Australian outback, 15,000 miles from ‘home’. It was a bit surreal and exciting but strange

.When we got back Gordon went in and Rich and I put the tools away and went to feed the trucker cows…. alone. We drove to the shed and loaded three hay bales onto the back then drove to the yards. We had to walk the cattle from one pen to another so they wouldn’t escape. This was a bit daunting as we’ve never done that alone before let alone on foot and we were all charged by a truck cow at exactly that gate yesterday lunchtime and that same cow was still the the yard. As it happened, everything went exactly to plan and we got them moved, fed and moved back with no drama to speak of. Rich said “I bet you wouldn’t have thought you could do that two weeks ago!” and he’s right. The terror I felt towards the cows last week is beginning to subside a little. The terror I feel when  faced with spiders however is only on the increase due to them being EVERYWHERE and being MASSIVE! It’s nice having our own house again finally. Just Rich and I. We can eat what we want, when we want (except we may have underestimated two weeks worth and are running out of food with 7 days left until the next trip to town!) We can walk around naked, be silly, and appreciate being in this beautiful little oasis in our little yellow house in the middle of the outback. Last night we tried to take

some long exposure pictures of the night sky as it it so amazing here. Unfortunately the star trails were too short (my camera will only keep the shutter open for 60 seconds) so they didn’t do the sky any justice at all. I took some amazing macro shots of a cane toad though which I was very happy with. Lots of gecko ones too! : D Very happy right now. Tired but happy.


Enough about me, what do you think?

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