Day 7 at Pyramid – Alone on the Farm

Our first weekend here is also our first weekend here alone as Gordon and Shelley went

normal time as I was keen to mop the floors, scrub the kitchen, wash our filthy work clothes, towels, an old douvet and I’d run out of clean pants. For the past week we had been sleeping with just a fitted sheet and a top sheet as our room is stiflingly hot at night… until 5am that is. Every morning, without fail we have woken up at 5 absolutely freezing. The solution up until now has been to put some clothes on, cuddle up to each other and go back to sleep which has been actually very nice, but still, a bit cold. In a bid to make life a little easier, I dug out an old comforter thing, like a douvet that doesn’t need a cover, from the cupboard in the other bedroom. It was covered in dead spiders, webs, mud and who knows what else but I gave it a good wash, it dried in minutes and I whacked it on the bed so that we could go to bed with just sheets and pull it on later when we got too cold. At the usual time we woke up, pulled the douvet on and I had a brief moment of concern that this new, comfortable, even temperature would mean the end of our now morningly cuddle session. Luckily it turned out just warm enough to make us comfortable but not too warm to cuddle. Win to the races in Charters Towers . To all intents and purposes we will have the weekends off. Our only jobs were to move around the sprinklers for Shelley’s lawn oasis, check the water tank for the house, feed the chickens and collect the eggs and then feed the cows in the afternoon. I have a feeling this may unfortunately be their last meal as Gordon is trucking them off to the abattoir first thing in the morning and we won’t feed them again tonight. Even though none of our weekend tasks were too pressing I still got up at

Yesterday, when I wasn’t cleaning or bucketing water into the broken washing machine, I made an overly organised spreadsheet of my monthly income, expenditure and other planned expenditure for the year including all my debts except the student loan which is (to date) irrelevant. It sounds worse than it really is. I didn’t do it all from scratch, (I’m not that into maths!) I just used the personal finance template on my mac so all I had to do what put in the correct numbers and it did it all for me. It got a fantastic high from seeing my projected savings in the green and my debts paid off for the first time in four years. It’s not going to be millions, but I know how to make a little go a long way and that is actually the plan… to go the long way around the world… again.

In the half an hour that it took to make the budget I was constantly distracted by the tropicalness of the plants and the wildlife around me so, when I had finished, I grabbed my camera and went exploring. Flowers, insects, cows, trees – all made some stunning photos but the best came later. I snuck off just before sunset to snap what I thought were wild but turned out to be branded horses. A few clicks later and a the novelty of a horse in the distance wore off, but I suddenly spotted too little ‘roo ears by the dam near the hey barn. I crept silently though the long grass, which is a terrible idea unless you enjoy severely upping your risk of surprising a snake, but made it to the opposite edge of the dam to four large kangaroos! They were a bit difficult to photograph as they were standing in shadow and although they weren’t too far away, it proved challenging to get enough contrast in the pictures without losing detail. All in all I was pretty made up with the results when I went to edit them on the computer later that evening.


Enough about me, what do you think?

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