Day 7 at Pyramid – Bumps In The Night

Last night was a million degrees so I boiled in my undies on the uncomfortable kitchen chairs (we don’t have a sofa) and enjoyed the home comforts of ‘Merlin’ – all new episode – and ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ on the TV before bed. The shower wasn’t working so I got into bed with that sticky feeling on my skin and soon realised I was completely wide awake. I quickly worked out that my alertness was almost certainly down to the gallons of iced tea that I had spent the entire day sipping as a more exciting alternative to water. An hour or so later I was still awake, jumping at every noise in the dark. Out here I feel a really strange mix of security and vulnerability. It’s comforting, in a way, knowing that we’re the only house for 70 kilometers so there’s no rational threat from burglars, murderers, intruders or anything of that nature. On the other hand, (this is where it’s obvious I’ve watched too many scary films) if Gordon went insane and tried to shoot us or worse, nobody would ever find us until long after we were dead, let alone come to our rescue. We can’t dial 000 as we don’t have a working phone and it would take the police or ambulance 3 1/2 hours to get here anyway. Then there’s the risk of bush fires engulfing us in flames in our sleep but that’s another kettle of fish entirely. In addition, having spent my entire life sleeping under a duvet, it’s strange how vulnerable it makes you feel lying in the dark with nothing covering you up. I never had a security blanket as a child but I guess it’s the same principal and while all the noises of the bush are unusual and scary, I know deep down that more than half of the bumps in the night are just the metal roof contracting and expanding.

This morning the shower was still broken but was just dribbly enough to splash my important parts. Rich and I took the Ute to feed the cows who were VERY eager to see us as they didn’t get fed yesterday. We then went off to check Sugarloaf dam but found the entire fence line down at Pyramid Creek and the trough empty at the dam. One of those cheeky bulls must have kicked the float cover again causing the trough to overflow and drain the tank. The trough was three feet deep with mud on the approach but a pair of pliers, half a tank in the pump, some good old DIY man power from Rich and some expert cattle shooing from me was enough to set it all right again. On our return we discovered that Gordon has had a few dramas this morning, as have we, so the day plan has now changed to fixing the Pyramid Creek fence, fixing some kind of bust in the boundary fence (not sure where yet) which could mean a long drive in any direction, dipping the cattle, checking Behinia Dam and troughs then who knows what else. Gordon fixed our shower though in about 3 seconds flat and now it’s even better before! : ) Quick… well, leisurely cup of tea then we’re off!


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