Day 8 at Pyramid – The Death of a Cow

A 6am start to run the cattle through the yards this morning, then we went off to fix some troughs and move/install some pumps so we don’t run out of water. While we were trying to herd the cattle into the yard one young female was too busy looking at Gordon (not where she was going) and ran, head and shoulders, full speed, into a tree. She fell down on her side and her legs were twitching for a minute then stopped. We dealt with the rest of the cattle and gave her a few hours to get up but unfortunately, when we returned she was even worse than before. She had blood in her eyes and had obviously compressed her spine trapping some nerves. Unfortunately, the only thing for it was to shoot her as she was not going to recover. It was only when I saw the stream of bright red blood squirting from her temple and foaming on the ground near her ears that I realised; Thanks to Hollywood, I was under the impression that I already knew what it looked like when a bullet pierced flesh but in reality it was very much less glamorous. Maybe 20 seconds after the shot was fired, a gush of blood poured from her nose and mouth but still the stream from her head didn’t let up. After a minute or two the twitching stopped and she was still. As we couldn’t very well leave her to rot in the middle of the yard, we wrapped one end of a heavy chain round the back legs and attached the other to the Ute. We dragged her out of the paddock into the bush and let her go next to the carcass of another unfortunate cow that had died of sickness a month or so earlier. Only the hide and some rib bones were left as the wild pigs don’t eat those bits.  A sad day at Pyramid.


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