Nobody likes a surprise python…

P1080268Yesterday evening, I was starting to get a little concerned that Rich was late returning from Sugar Loaf dam on the motorbike. He returned, minutes before I was about to go and look for him, with tales of cow wrestling and all sorts. Apparently the valve on the trough was blocked (with what turned out to be a smelly dead sardine) so not only had the tank run dry, the surrounding ground was so deep with mud a couple of cows had got bogged up to their necks and had to be pulled out with chains. Unfortunately, once they were free from the mud, they wanted to run off with the chains still round their necks. Some severe cow wrestling, rugby tackling and tricking later, both cows and both farmers were safe. Unfortunately, the trough still had to be rebuilt and the surrounding mud dug out and replaced with dry stuff.  We arose at 4am, before the sun, but it did make a spectacular appearance at about 5:30am.
P1080269 We drove to the dam and discovered this silly ginger thing sunk up to his belly. Luckily we could pull him out by hand and he waddled off like a newborn giraffe. P1080276Curious things, cows.
P1080284 We had a go at lifting the mud with this but it was just too small. So, we bought in the big guns. No picture unfortunately, but the yellow loader is twice the size.

P1080297After unearthing a wasps nest and a spider nest (that was very reminiscent of that scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) this cheeky shit slithered out from under the trough. We legged it as he looked like a brown snake. If this were the case, one bite could kill you in two hours. Fortunately, a closer look revealed that he was actually a python. I have to say, I still wasn’t desperate to cuddle it.


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