King in the castle! King in the castle!

P1020290Three days we spent fixing this rusty old windmill but on day three it held some beautiful surprises. When standing under the windmill, I heard a very distinct cry from above so I grabbed the camera and shimmied on up to the top. It’s difficult to tell from the picture but I quickly found out that it’s a LOT higher than it looks. I was pretty much frozen on the ladder, legs wobbling like jelly, short of breath. I finally gathered the courage to climb the final step and peek over the edge of the nest which was now at eye level. At that same moment this unfortunate (maybe slightly evil) looking thing popped up out of nowhere and screeched it’s bloody head off. Let’s just say, it scared the guano out of me. I regained my sense of humour when he shook his head side to side, proudly. He kind of reminded me of Borat. “King in the castle! king in the castle!”. Heights are not my strong point but I thrust the camera above my head and snapped frantically. Here’s what I got:



P1020291I took two deep breaths, then quickly descended to safety before it’s mother returned. Didn’t really fancy getting my eyes pecked out at the top of a windmill! I guess this guy didn’t either as I found him hiding under the trough… I think he’s pretty cute!



Enough about me, what do you think?

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