A Big, Ginger, Fudgey Fail.

P1020383This week I created a monster. A delicious, fiery, sugary monster. The first batch of fudge I ever made (as can be seen here: ‘Happy Fudging Christmas’) turned out perfectly. Perhaps this time, I got a little over confident. I decided to follow the same recipe as last time but instead of rum and raisins, I added a tablespoon of ginger marmalade and 3/4 of a cup of finely chopped fresh ginger.

At first, the fudge look fine, I left it in the fridge to set and this is when I knew something was wrong. When I went to retrieve my fudge, it was 85% set but where the ginger was, it had sort of pockets of syrupy liquid. I don’t know why this has happened. All I can assume is that the ginger was too cold or wet for the hot fudge to stick to? Has this ever happened to anybody else?

On the plus side, it was the most delicious fudge I’ve ever tasted. Like creamy ginger beer!   On the down side, I only made it two days ago and we’ve already eaten most of it!




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