The end is nigh… and it’s about time too!

14757240-end-of-the-world-21-12-2012The 21st of December, 2012 has evoked various degrees of thought and conversation among myself and others since I was about 12 years old. My best friend at the time, (who was a Mormon) also believed that our generation was to see the second coming in 2012. There was talk of the world exploding, aliens landing, fire tornadoes tearing through towns, or some higher being making it’s self known, judging us, then thrusting us into outer darkness as punishment for our ‘sins’.

It seems only a blink has passed since we used to have these chats but here we are… the day before the end of the world. Unsurprisingly, as years have gone by my perception of this dooms day has altered. It’s no secret the world is running out of fossil fuels, farmers are going out of business left, right and centre, and people are continuing to kill each other, perhaps more than ever before.  I no longer believe that anyone or anything is going to come and up, down, or from any other direction to punish us or tell us how we should be living. I do, however, believe it’s about time that we as a human race should start taking responsibility for our actions, living sustainable lifestyles and pushing for positive change. It’s all too often I sign in to Facebook or Twitter to find a lengthy scroll of ‘motivational quotes’ and mantras of spiritual guidance and they’re almost always posted by people who never seem to follow their own advice.

I don’t understand why people are waiting for someone to judge them for their sins, banish them to hell or destroy their homes and families before they are willing to change their own lives. Surely the sooner we realise that WE, as a people, are in control of our OWN destinies and stop blaming our life choices on the government, our society, generations past or (most ludicrously) GOD(s)…. the better off we will be. Why can’t people see that it’s not a god or a supernatural power that will destroy our race but us, who will destroy our selves.

The world may not end tomorrow, but I for one, really hope people wake up and smell the unnecessary destruction, the famine, the deprivation, the needless slaughter. Most of all I hope they get off their increasingly obese (due to society of course) arses and do something about it!


2 responses to “The end is nigh… and it’s about time too!

  1. The way this post is worded makes it sound like Mormons believe that the world was going to end in 2012. There is no date set to the second coming of Christ, as with many Christian Religions. Either your friend never conveyed her message correctly or she was wrong. For more information on the second coming as prophesied by the Latter Day Saints I recommend that people get in touch with some Missionaries. Also, the hell/outer darkness thing isn’t a sinner thing- that’s reserved for the angels who didn’t go with Christ- ergo they were never on earth to begin with.

    I do completely agree with you about people needing to change what is going on and I hope people realize and make a change.


    • Thanks for this clarification Suzanne. As I said, we were only 12 years old so all sorts of imagination and other factors were thrown in there I feel sure! I think we just believed what ever we wanted to believe at that age. : ) Have a great Christmas and thanks for commenting. x


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