A Cattle Station Christmas

Christmas began the afternoon of Christmas eve when we went hunting for a tree. If it wasn’t for the variety of packages, cards and parcels we received in the post from our lovely families and friends the night before, I may have forgotten all together. On our hunt, we encountered this foul spider who was about 4 inches long! Though the pickings were sparse, Rich cut us a mighty fine tree which only became ours when it was rejected by our employers as it was too ugly! Rich and I decided that it was so ugly, it was actually cute so we threw in the back of the ute and bought home to decorate. Shelley lent us some tinsel and minutes later, we had a Christmas tree!

After waking up to an atrocious post christmas-eve-champagne-cranium-tournament hangover, opening our prezzies and forcing down a couple of stogy pancakes, we all jumped in the car and set off on the 80k journey to Pan Handle Station. 9 o’clock in the morning, four adults and a baby, four unwanted beers on the go, and all sorts of 80’s madness on the stereo. We arrived mid-morning to an outrageously amazing array of Christmas nibbles, Moet & Chandon, and tiger prawns in a home-made ice bowl with fresh flowers from the garden. Laughs were had and Shelley’s first ever attempt at a home-made plum pudding went down a treat. Must have been all the brandy we put on it!


Enough about me, what do you think?

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