Just Call Me, ‘The Frog Whisperer’.

It all started with one. We entered the bathroom first thing in the morning to find a trail of destruction. Everything that had been on the windowsill and the sink area when we went to bed was now strewn across the floor As the windows were firmly closed, this was pretty disturbing. I had visions of some horrible mammoth spider lurking behind the toilet or something. This made me feel sick so I decided that I’d rather not know what made the mess and carry on with my day. An hour or so later, I went searching in Rich’s wash bag for some tweezers and found this cheeky hopper snoozing under the shampoo! Mystery solved.


A few days later, Rich found another, even cheekier hopper in the boot of the car (of all places) and he hopped right on to my shirt. I know it looks a lot like he’s wee’d on me, but I had just been caught unawares by the sprinklers! So I thought he made a pretty cool broach, farm styleee, but obviously the living accessory trend (or any trend) isn’t about to catch on here any time soon so I let him go.


That night, I went to close the bug screen and I found three more (imaginatively named) ‘green frogs’ waiting at the door. One on the hand rail, one on the door step and another just stuck right on the screen, peering into the kitchen. Honestly, if they wanted to come in, all they had to do was knock.

I have now endeavored to initiate green frogs as the official familiar of tropical farmers. Witches have cats, pirates have parrots, celebrities have tiny dogs, so why shouldn’t tropical farmers have the green frog? They don’t need carrying cases, feeding or anything like that. They stick where ever you put them and if they get peckish they just shoot out their tongue and feast on some passing flies. In fact, it might just be exactly what these farmers need. Forget hats with corks on (of which, I have seen none) just get a green frog! Problem solved.

I did suggest this to one of the farm hands on our sister station only to be told that if you get them in the back of the head with the cattle prod all their legs shoot out and they die instantly. Apparently it’s really fun…. needless to say I wasn’t impressed. Stupid, pointless and cruel are more words that I would associate with this activity personally. Ok, so maybe the frog accessory isn’t for everyone but it sure is for me!

If you’re a farmer and you’re reading this, go on, get yourself a green frog. You know you want to!



Enough about me, what do you think?

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