Singapore’s Changi Airport



After a twenty hour journey we arrived, completely exhausted and in need of a shower, at Singapore’s Changi Airport. I had read that the airport offers free two hour city tours for anybody with a stop over of more than 5 hours. While this is true, unfortunately, registration for the tours ended minutes before we landed (about 6pm) so we decided to stick it out in the airport. Five hours seems like a long time to kill, especially when you just want to get on your way but our time at Changi actually went surprisingly fast. First we visited the Cactus Garden on the roof of Terminal 1.  As well as being home to hundreds of different cactus species, the Cactus Garden also doubles as a smoking area and has a small bar with patio seating. As we weren’t looking to spend a small fortune on a whisky on the rocks and the humidity in the garden was overwhelming, we swiftly moved on.


Next up was the roof-top swimming pool, also in Terminal 1. Part of the travel hotel but open to the public, this pool experience cost us $13 (Singapore Dollars) each and included full use of the pool, towels, changing rooms showers and a free drink! For roughly £7 each, we though this was a bargain. The pool was cool and refreshing and it was such a luxury to be able to have a shower and wash my hair before the next leg of our journey. After an hour or so we went in search of sustenance.


There didn’t seem to be much in Terminal 1 that was in my price range and also wasn’t fast food. As i didn’t really fancy a burger, we headed upstairs to a sit down Chinese place. Luckily it wasn’t your average take-away western Chinese but actual Chinese Chinese food. Although this bought back some less than pleasant memories of actually eating in China, it did look and taste pretty authentic. We liked the look of the dim sum but apparently that is only served at lunch time so we both ended up going for a seafood udon soup with dumplings. As we were pleasantly surprised by the reasonable bill, I ordered coconut water served in a young coconut for an extra $4 (Singapore Dollars) as it is my favorite and so worth the money! After our meal we were down to our last hour so went to explore Terminal 3. Only a two minute ride on the train pod things, Terminal isn’t hugely different from Terminal 1 except that is has more shops and a much bigger selection of food. We spent a few minutes in the butterfly garden then whiled away our remaining twenty minutes in the free, yes FREE, massage chairs. Bliss! I had heard that Changi was voted one of the Top Ten Airports for a stopover and the combination of pool and FREE massage chairs really convinced me of this.



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