Blue Sky, Blue Bikes, Blue Mountains.

Located just over and hour from Sydney Central by train ($8.60 adult single), the Blue Mountains area is an absolute must see. Whether you only have one day, a whole week or even longer, there’s so many natural wonders to see and loads of tiny villages to explore on the way. Additional tourist info can be found here: Blue Mountains Tourist Information.


Blue Mountain Bikes (Woodford) – Blue Mountain Bikes opened it’s doors in Woodford for the first time in December. They offer a variety of services including mountain bike hire ($25/80/120 per hr/hd/day), helmet and lock hire, full bicycle servicing, personalised bike fittings and are looking to stock local produce, drinks and snacks in the near future. Online booking facilities will also soon be enabled. Rich and I were lucky enough to get free half day hire and a guided tour of Faulconbridge Point and Wentworth Falls which gave us just enough time to return out bikes before the sun set. All bikes are brand new and, as you would expect, they only come in varying shades of blue. The staff are friendly and knowledgable and will be happy to help you out with any questions you may have. They’ll even come and rescue you if you get lost as I understand happens to the less nature-savvy tourist from time to time. The shop is located just a 30 second ride from Woodford station on the Blue Mountain line which allows you to easily hop on the train with your bike and hop off at all the great trails. Overall, a great new local business. Check them out here: Blue Mountain Bikes.

Faulconbridge Point – Three stops on the train ($3.60) from Woodford is Faulconbridge. There isn’t really anything there townwise except a petrol station and an odd roadside stand selling cowhide rugs and Ugg boots. Cycle about 1km down the road and follow the signs to the Faulconbridge Point trail. The trail it’s self is only 8km each way but it is up the side of a mountain so it’s pretty tough going if you’re not super fit. In fact, I almost cried twice on the way up and felt like I was going to exhale my entire stomach contents on multiple occasions. The boys patiently waited for me at the top of each hill though and the strenuous ride made the view at the end all the more rewarding. I would even go as far as to say it was magnificent. I would definitely recommend this ride to anybody looking for a fantastic view and bit of good exercise. I just wish we had taken a picnic! Once I’d had a good rest at the top and my muscles were thoroughly warmed up, the ride back was pretty enjoyable. I treated myself to a frozen coke at the servo before hopping on the train to Wentworth Falls.

Wentworth Falls – Six stops from Faulconbridge (back past Woodford) is the town of Wentworth Falls. Hop off the train on to the main street, grab a snack at one of the many cute cafes or family run grocers before following the signs to “The Falls”. Only a shot ride or walk on the road, Wentworth Falls has a picnic area at the top and a variety of trails around the falls ranging from 5 hour strenuous treks to 1/2 hour gentle walks down to the falls. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to do the whole 5 hour loop but I’d love to go back and do it in the future. We spent about two hours exploring the falls, rock formations, admiring the scenery and rainbow spotting before heading back for the train. You could easily spend all day here and  cycling/walking to view ratio was probably one of the best you’ll find.


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