Clearly You’ve Never Been To Singapore…

As many travellers do, I found myself with an entire city-state to explore and only six hours in which to do it. Good thing Singapore is tiny! It’s also beautiful, colourful and exciting. This is technically my second time in Singapore and technically, I was there for 22 hours not just six but the timing of our flight meant that we arrived at our hostel at 11pm and had to be at the airport by 2pm the following day! Phew!

Naturally, I did what I must, got up early and wandered until it was time to depart. Here’s the highlights in pictures:

Little India – No, this isn’t a surprise acid trip, it’s just someones house. I want it. The terraces were very reminiscent of ornate gypsy caravans with curtains and smells to match.


Kampong Glam (The “Muslim Quarter”) – This came out of nowhere and I loved it.


Chinatown! – Just like the real China, only smaller and with tastier food and smells.


Food – Everything I ate in Singapore was to die for (and full of chilli)! Little india offered us up a breakfast of proti rata for two with iced milk tea and water for just $5.50SGD! Delicious and bargainous.


Here’s to eating with chopsticks, Rich style……


The Architecture – Both unexpected and original.


The Randoms – These don’t really fall into a category but they were random, memorable and worth a picture.


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