What Do Cambodia & Nottingham Castle Have In Common?

Well the answer is simple… they are both really easy to sneak into in a hand cart.

If you’ve never seen the new-ish BBC series ‘Robin Hood’ you may be at a slight disadvantage, but don’t be disheartened! Confused? Let me explain…


1. The Border – Not exactly the same, but definite and clear similarities.


2. The Disguise – Always some sort of half-arsed attempt. A hood, hat or face covering.


3. The Excuse – “I’m just a fruit seller/blacksmith, carting my wares for todays market…” Alternatively, they bribe the guards/border officials with money.

4. The Result – Guards turn a blind eye or totally believe their disguise/market excuse and the cart and driver are on their way.

5. Next thing you know, BAM!  – Out pops Robin Hood and his band of merry men. Hopefully with smiles, possibly with swords and arrows. All thanks to the simple hat/hand cart/market excuse.

This may be ridiculous, but let me tell you… this little anecdote kept us thoroughly amused while waiting in arrivals in Poi Pet. Any body else see the similarity or is it just me?!


3 responses to “What Do Cambodia & Nottingham Castle Have In Common?

  1. I still haven’t been to Cambodia but it’s on my “places I want to see” list. As I love BBC’s Robin Hood I kind of hope your comparison is right. For the fun parts at least 🙂


    • It’s such a good programme isn’t it. Have you ever noticed that, that they always sneak in in a fruit cart? lol … and I kind of fancy Robin Hood! :p You should go to Cambodia. Do you have any travel planned at the moment?


      • Oh I have a little crush on Jonas Armstrong too. With his Irish accent and that cute gap between his front teeth, what’s not to like 😀
        I’d love to go to Cambodia. Currently my travel plans are on hold since I got myself a new place and I’m renovating it. But I hope I’ll manage to go some place interesting during the summer 🙂 How about you?


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