The Sunrise Over Angkor Wat

For me, the chance to see the sun rise over Angkor Wat had been a long time coming. Always a distant dream but this time, it became a reality. When we departed at 5am, it was still pitch dark and we sat nervously while our driver wove in and out of oncoming traffic, at least half of which didn’t have any headlights. Arriving at Angkor was like arriving at a festival. Still dark but there were food vendors, music, people and bags of atmosphere. We found a great place to sit on the west side of the temple on the opposite side of the pool…. and then we waited.


For at least 45 minutes there was nothing to see except darkness but you could still sense the ever building crowd and feel the collective anticipation for what was about to happen. While the sun rises, day after day, we never really give it a passing thought yet all these people had gathered from all over the world to witness it, at Angkor Wat and that felt exciting.

Over the next hour, the sky slowly lightened and strangely, people began to leave. This baffled me as they had travelled so far to see the sunrise yet they were leaving before it had even fully risen! For those of us who did stay, the view was amazing.

As the warm rays flooded over the morning sky, the lotus flowers slowly began to open and the glassy pool cast some stunning reflections.


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