The Best Way To Get A Vietnamese Visa in Asia


I admit, our first few days in Sihanoukville were less than successful, however, we did have absolutely no trouble scoring a Vietnamese visa. Originally we had planned to get this in Phnom Penh but then we read it takes four days because the travel companies ust drive your passport down to Sihanoukville, get it done there, then drive it back. As we didn’t want to spend four days in Phnom Penh and we were going to Sihanoukville anyway, it seemed to make perfect sense just to get it done our selves.

The Vietnamese consulate is located on Erkreach Street, the main street that runs through the center of Sihanoukville. It’s decently signposted and we just walked right in. On entry, we were handed a form to fill out that asked for name, DOB and passport number etc. plus one passport photo. We completed the form, paid our $60 each, handed our passports in at the window and sat down to wait. Less than ten minutes later the woman re-appeared with our passports and our shiny new Vietnamese visa stickers that had taken up residence inside.

Prior to this I had though a single entry, month long tourist visa would only set us back about $45 but I thoroughly read the signs in the consulate and apparently, the new increased fee of $60 came into effect as of the 1st January, 2013. Bugger.

So, provided you arrive early (we went at 8:30am) on a week day, you have yourself, your passport, a passport photo of yourself and $60 (in USD) you will be in and out with your new visa in twenty minutes.

P.S. You can still pretend it was hard work, head straight to the beach and reward yourself with a massage and/or ice cream! I did!


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