Me, Tarzan. You, Jane.

Tree Lodge in Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri Provence, without a doubt wins the award for value for money. Tree and his wife charge just $3 a night for a private bungalow!

Perched on the hillside atop the immense jungle,Tree’s lodge offers  ten simple palm thatch huts, each with a double bed, mosquito net, lovely warm blanket and a shared bathroom.

It also boasts a balcony platform for eating and socialising as well as a selection of outdoor hammocks which are yours for just $1 a night if a room is not available. We were pleased to discover that they had built-in mosquito nets which would at least give you a small chance of not getting malaria or dengue! The dutch girl that slept here the first night said it was actually pretty comfortable as long as you had a decent blanket and weren’t bothered about privacy!

P1040863The open-air balcony has wicker chairs and tables that overlook the emerald forest and provides the perfect perch for daily sun-set viewing. 

Tree Lodge currently offers a limited and unexciting Khmer menu that can be summed up entirely by rice or noodles with meat or veg. However, an American couple (one of which used to be a chef in New York) have moved in and are completely re-writing the menu. I had a look at the new version and let’s just say, if I got to write the menu it would be exactly the same. Think whole-wheat pancakes with home-made, stone ground cashew butter. Local Mondulkiri coffee with local honey or cinnamon, pumpkin, coconut and ginger soup. No MSG’s, no additives, all natural local produce which also supports the local community. A valiant and welcome change from instant packet noodles. Remaining on the menu however is a selection of teas and soft drinks which you may want to stick to if you plan on safely making your way to your bungalow after dark. There are a couple of lights on the way down but power-cuts are frequent and Tree Lodge is more… let’s say ‘rustic’ than ‘health and safety’.

All in all, Tree lodge is a a really interesting place to meet some really interesting people. Tree and his wife will do their best to help you with what ever you need, they’ll even rent you their moped for just $2 a day!

Booking – Tree has his own blog about Tree Lodge which you can view here.  Unfortunately, he forgot to include any sort of contact details or adress making booking impossible. The best way to score a room at Tree Lodge is to just arrive. Tree meets the out of town busses daily and will happily give you a lift to Tree Lodge in his car though it’s only a ten minute walk from the centre of town.

Bonus Features – I was astounded to discover that Tree Lodge also offers free Wifi! In the jungle. Provided the electricity is working that is!



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