Um… I Think Your Eel’s Escaping…

Sen Monorom revolves around the daily market where Bunong hill tribe villagers come to buy and sell everything from pandan to panda meat. Well, maybe not panda meat but honestly, it’s difficult to tell. We parked our moped at the end of an alley way and followed the smell of fermenting fruit until it was at it’s most pungent. Despite the smell, the fruit and veg on offer looked surprisingly palatable compared to other markets we’ve visited.


Then the fun really began. *VEGETARIANS LOOK AWAY NOW!* The fish section didn’t have an overwhelming amount of fish to chose from but the smell of the ones on offer was enough to put you off for life. Guts everywhere, live fish packed in like sardines (no pun intended), dead fish in varying states of hydration and large buckets of fermenting fish in a sort of grey sludge. Apparently this is a local delicacy… Having smelled it, I think the Bunong need and introduction to the delights of a roast dinner.

Next up were the Eels. They were also packed in like sardines and seemed to have given up on life except one, let’s call him Gerald, who had had enough of the market and was determined to make his own way home.

P1050263Maybe Gerald just fancied visiting some of his mates in the meat section, though it might have been a little hard to figure out who’s who with all those flies buzzing around.

If only he could see their faces…Oh, wait…

This stall owner (top left corner) found it particularly hilarious that we didn’t like the look of her skinless mystery animal head and wholeheartedly encouraged this picture after getting her friends to come and watch it be taken.



Enough about me, what do you think?

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