If I Jumped Off A Cliff, Would You Do It Too?

There I was, minding my own business, when Rich approached me with the question… “If I jump off a cliff… will you do it too?”. Obviously my first reaction was hugely sarcastic but then I paused. Oh, I thought, he’s completely serious… At first I went with my usual response to his ridiculous ideas – a definite “No!” but after a day of stewing it over and a healthy dose of persuasion from the guy at the shop, I eventually signed myself up. After all, it was the last week of our holiday. Well, the Asia bit anyway… our trip within a trip as we have been calling it.

We set off at 8:45am. I would like to say something like ‘while it was still nice and cool’ but the reality is that it was already stinking hot. Our guide, Sara, lead us on the sweatiest mountain hike I have ever participated in. Six kilometers in an hour and a half. Up one side of the palm forested mountain and down the other side, right across the middle of the island.

The view from above tempted us down to the shore where we found ourselves in an abandoned bay. Totally secluded and accessible only by foot, this beach was pristine.

We carried onwards to the jump site. If I hadn’t been already (I had), by this point, I was definitely bricking it. Giant-sized, tumbled pebbles bared the sea from flooding onto land. With the help of some super high-tech bridge engineering (two planks of wood) we wobbled our way to jump site one.

Standing three meters above the big blue, I was in primal override. Fighting the urge to back away slowly, I just jumped. Not because I wasn’t afraid but because I didn’t want to be the only one who didn’t jump. A second of free fall and a not so graceful splosh later, I was swimming with the fishes. Three meters was where my cliff jumping career came to a startling halt but the fact that one girl didn’t jump at all made this somehow ok. We had a rounds climbing up and jumping off again then the big kids moved onto the big rocks.

Rich and Sara flew off the 9 meters like it was an anthill and quickly moved on to the next one.

These insane-o’s didn’t bat an eyelid at the 12 meter one either! Just run and jump right off. Fancy getting three seconds of free fall before smashing into the surface below? No, me neither. Props have to be given though… this was mighty impressive.

When we were well and truly exhausted, the dive boat plucked us out of the water and Sara threw our backpacks down from the rocks with military precision. We stopped at Shark Bay for a spot of snorkelling. The idea was to see some black-tipped reef sharks but they must have been on holiday or something as none materialised. We did, however, see crocodile-nosed needle fish, a shoal of rabbit fish, some stripy fish, loads of beautiful parrot fish, scorpion fish and loads more weird and wonderful creatures. I don’t usually like the sea but the crystal clear, 30 degree, bright turquoise waters made it oh-so inviting. We swam round to Shark Island to meet the boat and found ourselves swimming right through the middle of a bait ball! (Obviously, I did not take this picture)

imagesThe sun’s rays shone down into the depths and the tiny fish swam in ripples around my fins. It was actually amazing. We returned to the dive shop for a cold beer, some delicious lunch and then a massive nap! What an amazing day.

Sign up with Goodtime Adventures on Sairee Beach, Koh Tao. $50 per person. Pricey, but worth it.


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