Baby Monkeys Look Like My Nan.

Located just a couple of stops on the KTM Kommuter train from Kuala Lumpur’s Sentral Station are the magnificent Batu Caves. Advertised as a free natural attraction, just south of the city, the caves are easy and inexpensive to get to and a lot of fun.

First impressions were a bit weird. The site was a combination of souvenir stands, cafes and odd, plastic statues of Hindu gods…. and then I spotted my first monkey!

These naughty little critters were far too friendly for wild animals. There quest for junk food took them from wheelie bin to basket to floor and they even took food out of peoples hands! I was even warned off taking a picture of one incase he stole my camera!

The stairs up to the cave mouth were numerous, steep and crawling with monkeys. Once inside the cave, I was a little puzzled as to what I was looking at.

High in the mountains, on a sacred temple site was non other than Justin Beiber…. If, however, he’s not really your cup of tea you could always take home a commemorative plastic hologram of your favourite deity… Asia is weird.

The path and steps continued on past this little area of confusion and came to a halt at the main chamber. A giant opening in the mountain inhabited only by pigeons and more monkeys.

As the whole thing was a bit of a let down, we opted to pay the $15 each for an educational tour of Dark Cave. In the words of the conservation team, “It is home to an ancient animal community of 100 million years old, including the rarest spider in the world, the Trapdoor spider (Liphistius batuensis). It has a unique guano-driven ecosystem, which sustains a tremendous ecological significance of rich scientific and educational interest” and I would have to agree.

A very interesting tour from a lovely and knowledgable guide who pointed out many spiders and cave centipedes on the way. Eek!

After a thorough cave trek we were all centipeded out so went looking for a light refreshment. having not seen anything too exciting food wise, we made it our mission to (finally) try the legendary durian fruit. As you can see by Rich’s face, it was absolutely foul. Imagine a taste and texture of fried onions with the smell of tropical fruit with a kind of papery membrane. Never again.


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