A Not-So Traditional Sunday Lunch

As a gift from Rich’s mum, we received a series of in-depth, online, video tutorials on the art of sushi making. Having saved it for a rainy day (and pay-day) I was all to glad to spend Saturday, before work, gathering the ingredients for our culinary workshop. Luckily we live just a few minutes from the sea so sourcing super fresh fish was pretty easy to do.

As you will be eating it raw, the fresher the fish, the better. For one, you don’t want any harmful bacteria in there and secondly, fish tastes so so so much better when it’s fresh out of the sea. You can tell if a fish is fresh as it will have clear, not cloudy, eyes and it won’t smell ‘fishy’.

We caught the free bus down to South Beach in Fremantle but after a pretty chilly walk and a few pictures, we headed across the road to Sealanes Fishmongers.

This turned out to be an excellent little shop with a huge variety of fresh fish, seafood, and useful condiments and accessories. Although I would have loved to sample a bit of everything there, we passed on the shark steak, the octopus and the oysters but purchased .25kg of Tasmanian salmon, the same amount of ‘sashimi grade’ fresh tuna and a bamboo sushi mat. On the way home, we stopped off at the Indian/Asian grocery store and picked up some seasoned rice vinegar, short grain rice, wasabi paste, pickled ginger, a cucumber and some avocado. Despite our best efforts, this mission ended up taking all afternoon so it was already time for me to go to work.

Sunday morning, I got up (at a very leisurely hour) and began by preparing the rice. I boiled 2 cups of short grain rice in 2.5 cups of water and then promptly forgot to check on it until it looked a bit like congee. However, I did manage to save it with several rinses, drains and several more rinses. I then dumped the steaming rice into a large glass dish (wooden is better but I don’t have one). I turned it with a wooden spoon and poured in half a cup of rice vinegar (I advise you not to smell it directly out of the jar…) while Rich furiously fanned away the steam (to cool it) with an old ‘OK’ magazine that we found under the stairs. Who needs a japanese fan anyway?! Reduce, reuse, recycle and all that.

While the rice was put aside to cool, we prepared our simple but delicious fillings. We kept it a little bit simple for the sake of our bank balance but I think the colours of the fresh fish and veggies are amazing!

I arranged my nori seaweed sheet on the bamboo mat, shiny side down, wet my hands, grabbed a handful of rice and began to spread. For the filling, I used a mix of finely chopped tuna and spring onions and rolled!

Rich went for extra fillings with salmon, cucumber and avocado resulting in some pretty chunky rolls. We then sliced up some sashimi from the remaining fish, made a batch of miso soup and plated up.

With wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger on the side, this was literally sushi heaven. You could really taste the freshness of the fish and the fact that we had fun making it ourselves for way less than you’d pay at a restaurant made it even more special. A great way to spend a rainy Sunday! There’s even leftovers for me to take to work with me this evening. 😀


4 responses to “A Not-So Traditional Sunday Lunch

  1. This sushi looks amazing and presented very nicely! I’m always nervous about getting raw fish from the store and eating in…guess a fish market is the best option!


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