A Beautiful Day for Some Henna

When I move to a new place, as I often do, one of the very first things I always do is find a local henna supplier. Now this is almost always easier said than done and I have always had to fly some in from Rajasthan or California or something, so…. imagine my delight when I discovered that the little corner shop, just one minute walk from my new house, sells 200g packs of tripple sifted, Indian henna powder, for just $2.79!

I pretty much ran home, got out the mixing bowl and whipped it into a thick paste with some lemon juice for acidity, honey for stickiness, and some strong black tea for moisture and a hint of tannin. I also added 10-15 drops of tea tree oil for it’s ‘terping’ effects which will encourage the paste to leave a super dark stain on the skin. I left the paste in the warm, on top of the tumble dryer, over night and in the morning I headed off to meet some other local henna fanatics.

We met in beautiful King’s Park, Perth. As this was the very first time I had ever been to Perth, I managed to alight the bus several stops early and ended up walking for 40 minutes, annoyingly just one stop behind the moving bus but never able to catch up with it! Anyway, I finally made it to the park and was blown away by the lushness of the vegetation and facilities. After navigating the sun-dappled avenue, I met the lovely Charmaine of Desert Shadow Henna and a couple of other local artists for a bit of a catch up and henna sesh.

A few cups of tea later and we we’re straight in, paste out and going for it. Right in the cafe. I came away with a beautiful original hand design, courtesy of Charmaine. It was such a fantastic experience to meet such lovely people, all with an equally obsessive interest in henna as myself. We chatted, swapped tips and generally had a great little catch up but the best part came afterwords. For the duration of my stunning hand design, I received complement after complement on Charmain’s artwork and I certainly wore it proudly. It’s just too bad I work in hospitality or else I’d be covered in the stuff! I’ll have to stick to henna-ing my feet from now on!


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