I didn’t lose a fight with a sea monster

I feel an apology is in order. In regard to my dropping off the face of the blogosphere, I can only hope that you assumed I lost a fight with a sea monster in the middle Pacific or died in a freak butterfly plague in the Bolivian rain forrest. In reality, the time I have neglected to spend blogging, I have actually spent setting up my new life. For this, I’m sorry… kind of.

You now have two choices… you could be angry that I couldn’t find the time to blog and hold it against me OR (go for this option!) you can get stuck in and comment the hell out of Living Large, Spending Small… Chapter Two. Coincidentally, my (epic) return also coincides with my 100th post! So here we go…

Since our arrival in Perth, nearly three months ago, my world has turned up side down. In a good way. Here’s a quick summary:

1. We rented a flash apartment with Aaron and Frankie, our friends and fellow travellers from the UK.

2. I secured my dream job as Functions Manager & Wedding Coordinator at one of Perth’s best venues. A beach front, fine dining restaurant on the shores of the Indian Ocean!

3. I finally scraped together enough pennies and bought the worlds most boring car. It did cost me $700 but I have to say, it definitely drives like $750! This means that I no longer have to walk 40 mins home from work in the dark, on my own, in a suit! yay 😀

4. Rich and I finally set a date for our wedding and it’s just eight months away! An Indian Ocean beach wedding and reception… and I bet you can’t guess which venue we chose!

5. We’re headed to England for a cheeky two week holiday at the beginning of August to see all the friends and family.

6. Rich is working in Perth selling solar panels and doing really well. If you’re going to sell solar panels anywhere, it may as well be Australia!

7. Upon our return, I’m signing myself up for yoga, pole fitness and silversmithing classes… to name a few.

Maybe I always had low expectations for my life but somehow, it just keeps getting better and better. On the other hand, maybe it’s that I have very high expectations and won’t stop until they’re exceeded. Yes, I think that’s it. What ever it is, I hope it never ends.

The epic trip around SE Asia may have come to an end but the rest of my life is only just beginning so, I invite you to join me in Living Large, Spending Small, as I always love reading your comments and hearing about your own adventures.

Stay tuned…


6 responses to “I didn’t lose a fight with a sea monster

      • As usual, summer is going way to quickly. I’ve done some smaller 3-4 day antiquing trips with friends, but nowhere I needed to know a different language! Great time with friends and family though. Jordyn was home from Baton Rouge for a week and Julia was just here for the weekend. I love reading your posts 🙂


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