Save the Date!

2581375Now that  you have already received them, I can finally tell you about our first step towards planning our wedding! : D

After a very undramatic proposal in July 2012, Rich and I have now already been engaged for just over a year and a half! I never thought I’d be one of those people that had a really long engagement but having spent the the past year travelling around the world, working and doing nothing at all wedding related, it just sort of happened. Emotionally, we have been ready to get married since… we decided to get married. Financially and logistically ready… not so much.

Securing my current job as Functions Manager at one of Perth’s best wedding venues really made it all possible. That and Rich’s awesome sales skills bringing in the bacons!

Making the decision to get married at my place of work was not taken lightly. Having said the exact phrase “I would never want to have my wedding here” only months earlier, it seems a little surreal that in just a matter of weeks it is actually happening.  Anyway, more on this later.

Choosing a date was much harder than it sounds. With 365 to chose from, most of which are guaranteed sunshine, how are you supposed to chose just one? We narrowed it down according to the following criteria:

– Summer months are a must. Having made the decision to have the wedding in Oz, it damn well better be sunny and warm!

– Not too peak. Wedding season or ‘silly season’ as people like to call it, is a very real and very intense period famous for it’s equally as intense byproduct, ‘the Bridezilla’. Knowing full well I would be up to my eyeballs in wedding drama at work, we decided it was better to wait until mid season. The calm before the storm.

-Not on a Saturday. Everybody has their wedding on a Saturday and 1. It’s boring and 2. It’s way more expensive. Having the added bonus of mostly foreign guests it also seemed irrelevant what day of the week it was on as everybody would be on holiday anyway!

We then had the whole debate about odd days vs. even days and “is Tuesday more aesthetically pleasing than Thursday?” but decided just to go with which ever date the most people could attend.

We ordered 100 personalised postcards from Minted in the USA and got them shipped to Oz, just to ship them back again around the world again. That’s how we do.

How did all of you chose your wedding dates?


5 responses to “Save the Date!

  1. Lovely blog I’ve really missed them. A skirt I ordered came this morning you could ask how and where people decided to buy their wedding attire. Lindsay and I chose the 2nd April as it April’s fools day was on a Sunday we got married on a Monday so we could get a cheaper deal could fly away Oma cheaper flight and our guests could have a long weekend. To Roy it was Easter Saturday so we could have a long wedding weekend xxxx


  2. We chose ours by it being far enough into summer that young cousins would be out of school, but close enough to the start that eveyone in Michigan wouldn’t have run away to their summer cabins yet! We got engaged in October and were married the following June-married in a hurry!

    Congratulations on the wedding, I can’t wait to hear all about it. Wish we could be there!


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