10 Fun Facts About Our Wedding!

1. We only had 30 guests total (Including us!)

Everyone who's anyone

Everyone who’s anyone

2. As an alternative to gifts, we asked our guests to participate in activities or try something new for themselves instead. 


3.  We procrastinated too long and ended up booking a band 3 days before the wedding…. The band ended up being Afro-Kreol singer, Grace Barbe who is (super awesome ) currently number 2 in the Seychelles! 


4. Rich wore an olive green jacket which we first saw in Kuala Lumpur then hunted down on Ebay a few months later. 


5. Every detail was handmade and/or second hand and/or locally designed and made.


6. I dyed my own dress (Tutorial to follow!) 


7. We had DIY coconut cocktails that somebody forgot to order… Luckily we didn’t have a problem walking into a local grocers and buying 40 fresh young coconuts on the spot. Win.


8. With reverse psychology we convinced the entire wedding party to have a wedding henna ‘tattoo’.


9. We had a three course meal, an open bar and only paid $674 for the entire reception! oh, and our wedding night in a local boutique hotel was free!


10. It was so windy on the beach, our marriage certificate envelope blew into the sea before we even arrived. (no picture of that one because, well, it’s in the sea!)


2 responses to “10 Fun Facts About Our Wedding!

  1. it was definitely the best wedding including my own two. We will always remember the fun time we all had together half way round the world with my two favourite’s xx and great blog Nea we have missed them. I must finish the wedding blog I began. xx


  2. What a wonderful time we all had. The most fun we’ve ever had at a wedding. Super company, very well organised, crazy at times but fantastic all around. What a treat to see all of our nearest and dearest on the beach and Nea you looked beautiful by the way. keep up the blogging it’s brilliant.


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