Steeles on Wheels – Part 1

Watch out Freo, there’s a new bikie gang in town…

Having just bought our first motorbike (Suzuki GS500E) and with Rich’s Dad, Lindsay, in town, it seemed only logical that we form our own bikie gang, ‘Steeles on Wheeles’ and go on a wild rampage through the city in search of coffee, sunshine and dim sum. Scary, I know.


Lindsay scored himself a Kawasaki 250 something from a local hire shop before setting out on his first two-wheeled adventure in over 20 years! The first leg of the journey was a slow trip up the coast through the picturesque seaside town of Cottesloe before an inland turn which set our heading towards the ‘big city’ and beautiful Kings Park.

From there, the hunger rampage continued as we tore through the centre of Perth (seriously, it takes all of about 10 minutes end to end) in search of lunch. We landed at our favourite dim sum restaurant, Royal Seafood, in the bustling Northbridge district. After introducing Lindsay to steamed dumplings, radish cake, fried tentacles, the ever anaemic BBQ pork bun and the mystery food we call ‘the really long roll’ we were thoroughly stuffed. This place does have mixed reviews but seriously, check it out.

With full bellies, we headed for the hills. First stop, Lesmurdie – for stunning views of the airport and city form above. By this point, there’s few cars on the road and it’s mostly residential on one side and views on the other and the road begins to get windy.

Next stop was the Kalamunda Camel Farm. Having been here many times to mountain bike, we knew they had a cafe and by this time it was definitely coffee o’clock. Apart form the staff, there was just us, a few camels and a muslim couple who apparently make the regular trip to Kalamunda with the hope of scoring a some camel milk – to drink – as you do. After lengthy discussions with the owner about the exorbitant price ($25 per litre today!) they made off with their cool bag full of camel milk. According to the owner, the reason he had to charge them $25 per litre was the difference in wages in Australia vs. their home country of Somalia or Africa or ‘Arab places’ (?). He didn’t actually seem to know the difference which didn’t really give much believability to his wage comparison.  IMG_1814

On the plus side, we were amused to find their coffee was served with a mini camel-shaped biscuit.. even if it did taste like soggy cardboard!


Mundering Weir was the furthest point on our journey. The glass like reflections on the reservoir were stunning, especially with the red sand that made the water look purple in places.

We returned via the coast road from Cockburn Sound and back up to Fremantle where we enjoyed a some serially amazing home-made cakes and coffee at Exquise Patisserie.

Here’s the final route! Stay tuned for Part 2! Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.28.34 pm


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