Planning the Adventure-Moon

About two years ago, in the final stages of planning our wedding, Rich and I came to a realisation. He turned to me one day and said “Let’s face it, we’re not the honeymoon type.” So we decided we’d plan and adventure-moon and that was that.

There were several requirements of the trip…

  1. must contain dangerous and unusual activities/food/animals
  2. must be hot and sunny
  3. must be good value
  4. ideally 3 weeks long

This was the very first trip we had planned with surplus cash. On all previous trips, ‘budgeting’ had meant balancing survival needs with dodgy transport and factoring in time.  On this occasion, we had options. A great position to be in but it also added a dilemma. I had to think long and hard about how much money to spend, what I wanted to spend it on and why. How are you supposed to determine a reasonable amount of money to spend solely on your own enjoyment?

This bothered me for a while – it still does in varying degrees. BUT, I have decided that as long as you are working hard and earning hard, it’s ok to play hard. After all, if you don’t spend your money on enjoying your life, what would be the point?

In the end, it came down to making a giant spreadsheet of the big stuff. Flights, and the primary activities we wanted to do as well as how much we expected it to cost. That total subtracted from the maximum agreeable budget gave us an average daily budget for food and accommodation.

So, back to the list of requirements…

Just as some people feel camping or having a ‘nature wee’ is out of their comfort zone, Rich and I kind of felt that way about the whole luxury resort thing. It’s not something we’d ever really done so we decided to put it on our list (under the heading ‘unusual activities’)  just to see what it was like. Also in this category was motorbiking off road through the jungle, a three day trip on a fishing boat to an uninhabited island to see Komodo Dragons and climbing an active volcano at 3am…

…to be continued


Enough about me, what do you think?

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