Steeles on Wheels – Part two

After yesterday’s adventure, Lindsay’s request for todays’ route was “anywhere, as long as I get to ride the bike again”. So, we settled for a 160km mission to Serpentine falls.Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.28.59 pmWe took the coast road which sandwiched us between stunning turquoise ocean on one side and smoking concrete chemical plants, shipping depots and refrigeration warehouses on the other.

We stopped for a bit of brunch in Rockingham and ended up in the Kent Street Deli; a welcome contrast to the chip and souvenir shops that littler the seafront. With home-made pastries, a plentiful selection of cabinet things (croissants, home-made mini doughnuts, muffins, quiches etc.) and a new summer menu which offered breakfast and lunch at the same time. The chips here were delicious and the smoothies also looked yum!


The dam it’s self was not as spectacular as the reservoir we visited the day before but still a pretty good view and interesting to look around. The also had a great little cafe full of lorikeets!  IMG_1896_2


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