Polish Panniers & Dinosaur Departures

So there we were, ready as we’d ever be, with just two days before departure date…. and no panniers! We had decided on hard luggage for the bikes for two reasons: it’s lockable and waterproof. Like a mounted aluminium suitcase.

Having read some blogs and reviews we went with Holan Cases, made in Poland. As a HUGE bonus, they offered specific mounting frames for our Triumph Bonnevilles which, coupled with the low price, set them apart from the competition (Touratech, GIVI, Metal Mule etc.). We ordered early anticipating a 2-3 week lead time but became increasingly concerned when email correspondance dropped off almost immediately and customer reviews on their Facebook page were overwhelmingly negative about the service and delivery times. Had we not resorted to ‘aggressive negotiations’ via email, I highly doubt we would have received the panniers before our departure date, despite making sure they were keenly aware of when we planned to leave before placing the order. It left a sour taste but they arrived and so far, we have been more than pleased with the product and the price.

Arrival day was like Christmas. An end to the frustration of waiting to leave with no luggage. The package contained 4 x mounting frames, 4 x bags of loose parts for the mounting brackets, 2 x 38l pro cases, 2 x 31l pro cases and 8 x loose locks (which required dismantling and installing). One thing to note was that there were absolutely no instructions. Luckily, I had super brain, Rich, and super engineer (my dad), to help me out, otherwise I’d still be at home! It literally took around 10 hours to get both sets mounted on the bikes and ready for the off.


Packing was a breeze in comparison and bright and early on the morning of 29th, we donned our best dinosaur outfits, waved goodbye to mum, dad and nan and sped off down the lane in search of new horizons. First stop, Chichester!dinosaur departures


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