Rotterdam or Anywhere…

So far, despite our best efforts, we hadn’t actually travelled very far. Nearly a week into the trip and we were still less than one days drive from home! At 4pm, the rain turned to light drizzle so we took a chance, tucked our jumpers into our sexy plastic over-trousers and set out once more. Conditions were still not ideal but seemed to brighten a little as we went. The goal was to make it to Utrecht but, once again, things did not go to plan and Rotterdam seemed like a good as any stopping place as any.

We cruised in to the centrum, well aware that it was approaching 8pm and we had no internet, phone or guide book. We also knew absolutely nothing about Rotterdam so started at good old McDonalds our go-to for sure fire free WiFi. Apparently Rotterdam is popular as it took no less than two hours and three hostels before we found accommodation. Stayok had dorm beds at 25 euros each per night (including a decent breakfast) and the building it’s self was really unique. Each room was a tilted cube!

stayok in rotterdam

Dinner rolled around at 11pm, harbour side, and I have never been so glad of a beer! Over said beer, Rich and I discussed the past few days and decided that after three days of big fail, we were finally back on track. We had a good laugh about the fact that our budget camping trip in the sun had turned into a rained out expensive hostel hop.


Behind the hostel was what looked like a massive train station but was actually a complex of apartments and market hall. The interior was beautifully pained with tropical fruits and flowers and the sheer scale was pretty impressive. I wondered how much baklava I’d end up eating if I lived in one of those apartments looking directly down on it! They had everything from bacon in cones to doughnuts, pickled fish, spices and of course lots of cheese.

This is the outside; you can’t miss it! DSC_0157

We were playing catch up a little so only stayed one night/ morning in Rotterdam. The general theme seemed to be unique architecture, very modern, but I’m sure there’s a whole other side just waiting to be discovered.


4 responses to “Rotterdam or Anywhere…

  1. I remember when you were about 14, riding through a forest in Missouri on your TTR125. The sky suddenly went dark as a massive storm rolled in, then the lightning followed. Each flash illuminated the trail ahead, the torrential rain turned to hail, but you kept pressing on, weaving through the trees like a pro. When we reached the fire road, the hail was so intense that you continued to ride, at speed, with one hand covering you chest because the hail was so painful. We eventually arrived back at camp unscathed, largely due to your natural riding ability. It’ll take more than a few wet roads in the Netherlands to stop you. 🙂


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