Landhoeve and Kinderdijk

Rewinding a little from my last post, here are some pics from the ride to Rotterdam along the coast of the North Sea! It was certainly brisk and gusty but there were plenty of people taking advantage of the kitesurfing conditions!

The GoPro even made an appearance and we managed to capture a few atmospheric shots. It even caught one of us accelerating into hyperspace through one of the many tunnels along the route!

Exhausted after a four hour journey, we were greeted with a warm welcome at Landhoeve campsite on the banks of the river Lek. The friendly owner (who was the absolute spit of Goldmember!) was blown away with our motorbikes and had all sorts of questions for us. Mostly I was trying to keep a straight face and not ask him if he wanted a ‘schmoke and a pancake’. He kindly offered us parking space for the bikes in his barn and insisted on showing us his own motor-trike and starting it up for us to hear the engine. It was like a glitter explosion… not at all what I was expecting but the thought of him riding it with his fat cigar in his mouth was just brilliant.


The site it’s self consisted of around fifteen pitches, with the river on one side and fields on the other. A sink for dishes and nice hot showers were provided for a cost 18EUR per night.


In the morning we broke out the Trangia to heat up some pancakes (just to keep with the dutch theme) and so far, so good. Having bought it new and run out of time for a test camp, this was it’s very first time out of the box. I’ll keep you posted on it’s performance in a later post.


Just up the road from Landhoeve was Kinderdijk (child’s dyke). Apparently it was named after a huge north sea flood in 1550’s where a child floated down the dyke in a wicker basket! Home to 19 windmills, two of which have not been converted into museums.  It was pretty touristy and we had to pay 7.50EUR each to walk along and see the museums and videos. An extra 5-7EUR would buy you a pass for the boat to avoid the walking part. A very unique experience and definitely worth a visit.


All in all, I was happy with the level of stereotypically Dutch things involved in my day.

19 windmills + 3 pancakes + 2 normal people going about their business wearing real clogs + 1 happy goat = the most dutch day ever!


Enough about me, what do you think?

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