Germany: Nudists and the Autobahn

On day seven we entered new territory. We did our longest drive yet, 200 miles, with the wet weather hot on our tails. By the time we entered Germany, the sun was beaming which made the ride pleasant. Forested hill castles could be seen in the distance. In an effort to get some miles behind us, we flew down the autobahn! I had heard that they all had seven lanes and were full of super cars going 200mph but we must have chosen a mini one as there were only three lanes. The experience really confirmed the need for checking your blind spots before overtaking!

Nea's Triumph Bonneville

We passed the town of Kassel (without stopping to see the castle) and camped up for the night in a field packed with ultra wrinkly nudists. The owner of the site was very friendly and greeted us with the opening line “Vee, are Noodists.” I had actually noticed… but i suppose it could be difficult to tell due to the fact his low hanging belly entirely covered up his man parts. He also had a long grey rat tail mullet. I’m just going to leave it at that but I could definitely go on.. no, I didn’t get a picture.

We awoke bright and early once again to beautiful sunshine accompanied by strong gusty winds. Classic Lidl breakfast in the carpark and pack-lunch motorway sandwiches for lunch.

IMG_3453The goal was Karlovy Vary just over the czech border but with every passing day we have realised that we are vastly overestimating our milage capabilities.

We rode a further 180 miles through pleasant scenery with similar pine forrests, valleys and hilltop castles. The temperature was mild but the wind required every ounce of concentration. We managed to keep around 70mph but after 5 hours riding we were exhausted.

We pulled into Chemnitz – maybe we went in the back way, or through a hole in the fabric of time but it was really … weird. The whole place was abandoned. Everything was covered in graffiti and nothing seemed to be open then, or ever. Quick wikipedia told me that Chemnitz is in the free state of Saxony and not associated with any other county. We weren’t too sure what that meant but didn’t look like it was working out too well for them…



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