SPA-RTY time in Budapest

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I am a definite bath person. I’ll choose a house, book accommodation and arrange my time specifically around wether or not I can have a good bath. Over the past 21 days we have ridden our trusty Bonnevilles over 2000 miles across 9 countries. Lots of early nights, tired muscles., NO relaxing baths… you get the point. Basically, what we really needed was a good rest and an equally a good party.

I did know that Budapest was famous for it’s night life and thermal bath houses but imagine my excitement when I discovered that you could combine the two! It’s like a dream come true for any bath lover like me.

Held every Saturday in Szechenyi baths, the party promises smart hedonism. A semi-wild party in an open air complex of natural mineral-rich pools.

I have to admit, I was skeptical of the reality insofar as the idea sounded amazing and I really didn’t want to be disappointed! Would it be mainly kids? Would it be really expensive and a bit lame? Would it just be full of gropey middle-aged singles? I hoped not.


We booked in advance via A few levels of tickets had already sold out so we purchased a ‘duo ticket’ package. The price was 90 EUR and included two entry tickets, lockers and four drinks tokens. We received a PDF ticket via email which we printed and took along on the night.

We arrived at the venue around 11pm armed with some warm, flat, vodka/pepsi  which was courtesy of a couple of 18 year old Scottish lads. We intercepted them, looking very lost, meandering toward the motorway in the opposite direction of the venue. They asked us (with exaggerated hand gestures) if we spoke english before asking if they could follow us in the right direction. Was this a sign of things to come? I was just pleased to learn that they thought we only looked two or three years older than them!

The entry queue was minimal and took just minutes to get our waterproof locker watches and drink vouchers. We descended to the gender split locker/changing areas before reuniting under the stars for our first ever sparty experience.


My first thoughts were that it looked just like the flyer. Amazing lighting affects playing on the steam which rose from the thermal pools. Chilled out house music, inflatable dome bars (ample service points to avoid queues). In we went!


We were pleasantly surprised that the pool was warm. The day had been 34 degrees and sunny so the night was balmy anyway. we later discovered the pool on the other side was even warmer – like hot tub temperature! Each pool had space for around 800 people with seating of various levels etc.

The drink offering consisted of several different cocktails, mixed drinks, beer and perhaps also wine. Each of our drink tokens were valid for either one cocktail or TWO beers so actually eight beers worth. You could also exchange cash for a refundable party pay card on a lanyard but for us, the tokens were plenty for the night. It made the tickets great value and we definitely felt we got value for money.

The crowd was a real mix of people. Mostly English, Australian and Irish, the average age was probably around 25 ish. There were a few elderly people, some middle aged couples and even an old man in speedos and a turban. I was pleased to see it was a come one come all, rather than a stilettos and botox parade which it could easily have been. Like a super chilled out rave. The atmosphere was relaxed, open and fun! By 2am we were hardcore people watching.  The centre of the cooler pool had become a centrifugal rapids of the more energetic of the group while the corners and wall space were occupied in rotation with strangers/couples ‘getting to know each other’ (fucking). Shortly after 2am however, we did take the opportunity to call it a night. I think the terminology used our decision making involved ‘involuntary immaculate conception’ and ‘primordial soup’.  Oh.. and we’d used the last of the drinks vouchers!

Want to see the highlights? Click here to watch our video! 









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