Krakow to Budapest: The Danube Bend

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map of sahy to visegrad castleDay 3 was relaxed. There was no rush with only a short distance to go before Budapest. From our lonely campsite, we rode less than one kilometre before moving into Hungary; the first of many border crossings that day. Unlike many previous borders, this one was more substantial. It was equiped for closure with sturdy, retro looking, brown glass buildings on either side.  They were abandoned and the road was wide open of course, but it had potential.

Hungarian BorderThe road was smooth and pleasant, with small villages every 5 miles or so along the way. We wove in and out between Slovakia and Hungary and in the distance, if you look closely, the Esztergom Basilica loomed on the horizon. We didn’t know what it was but it looked interesting so we made a beeline towards it.


We crossed the Danube into Hungary for the last time and parked up for a snack and a wander in the sunshine.

esztergom basilica In a way, the Esztergom Basilica sort of summed up our trip so far. We saw a dot on the horizon and drove towards it until we ended up somewhere that we never really intended to go. On this occasion when we arrived it was sunny, warm and involved snacks!

Visegrad was next and it was inviting. Again, we spotted a castle on a hilltop and went for it. Though only 6km, this was the wiggliest road to date and a lot of fun. The viewpoint part way up overlooked the famous Danube Bend.

Danube Bend

We even managed to make it back for sunset!


When we reached the top of the hill, the view from the off-season ski resort campsite was so good, we couldn’t find a reason to keep riding. We pitched the tent and knocked off early.

DSC_0260Plus, as all good campsites should, they had a Minnesotan pot bellied pig! His name was ‘Rufi’ meaning Piggy. Fitting.

Day 4 bought this journey-within-a-journey to an end as we ambled the last few miles and said Hello to Budapest!


visegrad to budapest



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