Budapest: Ruin bars, Strolls and Hibernation.

If I had a penny for every time I’d written the sentence ‘things did not go to plan’, I’d at least have heavy pockets. For now, I’ll just stop making plans. Maybe they’re like rules; made to be broken.

Our stay in Budapest…

  1. Surprise public holiday – Check!
  2. Stayed an extra day because of rain – Check!
  3. Partied at 40% capacity and had 80% capacity hangovers – Check!
  4. Uncle Vernon hiding in a hedge – Check!
  5. Lots of baths – Check, Check, Check!

Budapest was a whirlwind of good times and also a good rest stop. We stayed in zone VII in a semi-dodgy area in a very welcoming and comfortable private apartment for £28 per night. (Click here to see the listing on Air B’n’B). The picture I took of the bathroom is rubbish but the bath was actually amazing and they even had colour changing LED star lights in the ceiling. Hilarious! We liked it so much, (and hate the rain so much) we stayed an extra night.

Ruin Bars

Szimpla Kert was one of the best bars we have ever been to. Ruin bars are basically bars that started out as squats in abandoned buildings. You can tell. It’s amazing! This one was open until 5am and had around seven different rooms, three bars, shish, an outdoor area with a stage and great cocktails! Great place to meet people from all over the world too. Apparently they open on Sunday mornings for a local farmers market. We had planned to go but then… well, hangover.

This bar near the main bridge was completely covered in notes. The walls, the ceiling, everywhere!

Szechenyi Baths

Party at Szechenyi Baths

We Spartied like it was 1999 on day two which you can read about here in a seperate post.

This ridiculous musical fountain over on Margaret Island (Margit Sziged) was a surprisingly good hangover cure the next morning (afternoon). Definitely worth a wander over the bridge. DSC_0310

The lovely little island has a free mini zoo, a beautiful park with wildflower beds and even a stone bust of Harry Potter’s Uncle Vernon hiding in the hedge! We couldn’t pronounce his actual name or understand why he was there so must be something to do with the wizarding world.

Uncle Vernon in Budapest

Have you ever spent time in Budapest? What were your highlights?


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