How To Spend 36 Hours on Kos

After booking our ferry tickets to Kos, we were having some dinner in Bodrum when something unexpected popped up on Facebook. Our Italian friend Nico (who we worked and played with for three years in Australia) was just 5km away according to the phone. Modern technology is amazing, and scary. Anyway, a few messages and a short ferry ride the later and we found ourselves crashing the extra two beds in a holiday apartment with not one, but five, Italians. Mamma Mia! Seriously though, those guys are amazing.

We had a grand total of 36 hours from our arrival at the port in Kos town until our departure at 10pm the next evening. Time flies when you’re having fun… here’s how we spent ours!

img_3823Paradise Beach
We had only been on Kos for one hour when the Italians told us that the best beaches were in the south. With no time for research we trusted their judgement and raced in that direction. We arrived at a pristine beach complete with bar, loungers, jet skis, ringos and an inflatable water park. I’d only ever seen one before, in Bunbury WA, but despite the inflatables being exactly the same, this one was way better. We had friends to play on it with and it only cost €4. We spent an hour climbing, flipping and sliding around and just when we thought we had worn ourselves out we ended up hiring a boat, driver and ringos for €10 each! We lazed away the rest of the afternoon in the bar…Paradise.

Ta Votsalakia
We finished day one with a delicious selection of appetiser mezzes, seafood mains and three (or four?) carafes of wine at Ta Votsalakia. It came to €20 a head. Oh and we sat just meters from the ocean. We once ran beach dining at Salt on the Beach, the restaurant we worked at in Fremantle and it was fantastic. This was the real deal though and the weather is perfect all night, every night. We actually did eat there twice… in 36 hours.


Bar Street
I said we finished day one at Ta Votsalakia but as we left there midnight was fast approaching. We only had 36 hours so we immediately started day two in bar street. It’s everything you expect and we indulged in beer pong, shots, Moët and vodka by the bottle and even danced on the tables. As you do. Nea played an excellent wingman to the Italians (the single ones of course), who insisted that they would be much more approachable with a girl in their group but by 5.30am, let’s just say, the Moet and espresso had worn off. We stumbled home, but the party continued! At around 9am a couple of Italians strolled in half naked and soaking wet after a swim. Naturally, they didn’t sleep and we hit the next activity…


4am on bar street

Thermal Ocean Pool
About 20 mins drive out of Kos town is the ‘Therms’. This was the best hot spring we’ve ever been in (and we’ve done three on this trip)! The Spring itself bubbles up right on the beach and some large rocks help to carve out the actual pool. Knee high at its deepest point the pool had maybe 30 bathers in it, I can imagine it would be packed in the high season but we had enough room to relax. In the centre you can see the water bubbling up off of the bottom and a couple of people were brave enough to sit in the ‘tunnel’, the extra hot cave at one end. We were far too hungover for that but we did warm up and then cool down in the sea the other side of the rock wall. It was the perfect cure. Kind of.dsc_0883

Northern Beaches
Actually just as sandy and pristine as the beaches in the south, with similar activities, we spent the last 6 hours of our time on the island catching a tan. We shared the beach with some French girls and a topless grandma.. What more could you ask for? This burn line I suppose…Rich's burn lines

We waved goodbye at sunset, learned some new Italian words and headed for Athens. Bon Voyage, you crazy Patatinos! 14358910_10210088968488396_4723661063704834476_n


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