About Nea and adventures afar

Hi, I’m Nea Steele. I’ll soon be 26. You could say that I’m unemployed and homeless. I prefer to say that I’m on a planned career break living off independent means while I travel the world.

The reality is, I have just quit my job after four years living in Australia, sold everything I owned and returned to the UK. The plan is to ride from London – Istanbul and back on a motorbike, through 20+ countries, in three months. Follow the journey here.

I may not have an address or income this week but it is certainly my choice. Generally, I choose to travel through life slightly left of the middle, with my husband and within my means. I choose to work hard, play hard and live responsibly because it just feels right.

Why Travel, Why Motorbikes?

I was born in the UK but moved to the USA with my family just before the world trade centre attacks in 2001. It wasn’t a great time to be an immigrant there and I learned the hard way that sometimes you just don’t want to fit in and that’s ok. The USA is, however, where my love of road trips and motorbikes began.

My dad taught me how to ride a dirt bike at 11 years old. For the next few years we went on a few trail riding camping vacations and lots of weekend trips to the motocross track.

Nea and Family 2004

After graduating from high school, priorities changed and I returned to the UK to begin my career in Events Management in the big city of… Birmingham.  I went to university, worked a LOT, got engaged, graduated and moved to Australia with my now husband, Rich.

Back to motorbikes… As a requirement of our Working Holiday Visa, we signed up for four months in outback Queensland mustering beef cattle. Incidentally, this is when I started the blog back in 2012 and you can read all about our outback adventures here.


After saving a HUGE $2000AUD each, it was off to SE Asia for fun, sun, coconuts and you guessed it… more motorbiking! Backpacking SE Asia was a chapter in living large, spending small.   I learned that my stomach is resilient but not immune and that a $7/week rented moped can take you anywhere you need to go; on the road, off the road or up the side of an active volcano. We explored seven countries in two months then ran out of money.

Fremantle, Western Australia was our next destination. We had a friend there, we heard it was easy to find jobs so we went. Kuala Lumpur to Perth on Scoot airlines. We arrived on Rich’s 23rd Birthday with the grand sum of $117 in between us and some old clothes with that classic ‘washed in the Mekong’ look about them. The struggle was real (ish) but I scored a job as a waitress on day two and within a few months I landed by dream job and was sponsored as  a Functions Manager at an iconic beachside venue. The visa allowed us to stay for another two years.

RichandNea wedding

301 Weddings…

Rich and I got married on the beach at the venue where I worked in February 2014. It was tiny, it was free and it was perfect. (Read about it here) I also sold and managed over 300 other weddings there which was great fun. I had no idea I was interested in weddings but I certainly know a lot about them now! We honeymooned (adventure-mooned) in Bali which was the perfect mix of 5 star luxury and 1 star dirt biking through the jungle. Obviously.

As I came to the end of my two year visa (and three years in my job) my paperwork went in for the permanent residency application. Unfortunately, at the same time, the laws changed and the company I was working for also changed hands. I was given the option to stay but instead of becoming a permanent resident I was faced with starting over from the beginning. A valid option for a life-long career but in my heart of hearts, what I wanted to do was travel, not spend another three years behind the same desk, however close to the beach. so here we are…


Follow us, join us… 

Rich and I have just purchased Triumph Bonnevilles and are just days away from setting off on our European adventure. We would love to you to follow our journey and if you fancy meeting up along the way, just get in touch!13775913_10154386845408739_3246974054207275351_n-1


4 responses to “About

  1. Hello,
    Hello Nea,

    Hope you’re enjoying the good life in Perth! I was there a few years ago and loved it. Managed a couple of trips down to Margaret River and lots of nights wasted away wonderfully in Northbridge, is it?

    In fact, I was wondering if you would be up for the challenge of trying to squeeze the very best of Perth into just two hundred words for the new travel site I’ve just launched:


    If you fancy it, let me know via the blog or get in touch at twohundredwordtravel@gmail.com. I’d love to have a crack at writing Perth but fear my information would be a little out of date!

    Look forward to hearing from you Nea.



  2. Hi Nea and Rich.
    I am Huyen, an undergraduate student. I am currently taking a Tourism module course in the University of Northampton, UK. And I would like to include your journey with Vietnam In Focus photography tour as an analysis part of my dissertation.
    I just wonder is it okay to do that. I am really interested in niche tourism, and I think tourists’ motivation for niche tourism is underestimated so that I am doing a research about it.


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